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At Rental Axis, we understand how important it is to please our clients. We have partnered with apartment communities that are willing to get you into your new home even with an eviction history.

·  Have you had ONE eviction in the past?
·  Was it at least two years ago?
·  Have you been declined at several apartment communities?
·  Are you able to provide documentation that you now make at least three times your rent budget $$$ as steady income from work, self employment or other documented means?
·  Are you readily able to put down, up to one and half month's rent as security deposit?

If you answered “YES” to all of these questions, then our Second Chance program is for you.

With a non-refundable fee of $25, we are able to register you in our 2nd-Chance program in order to begin the placement process (on your behalf) with the apartments. Once we receive your payment, one of our professional leasing agents would give you a call to discuss in detail.

Full Name:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Number of past evictions:
Month and year of most recent eviction:
Expected move in date:
Desired City & State:
Maximum rent budget:
# of bedrooms & baths desired:
How did you hear about Rental Axis:
Will you be paying on behalf of someone?
If so, please enter the person's name:
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Rental Axis would not be held liable if your application is declined at any apartment community, final decisions are made at the apartments' discretion. In the event that a client is unable to continue with our service for any reason(s), we are not obligated to pay back the non-refundable 2nd Chance Program Registration Fee.

Remember, our service is based on information that you provide to us as a client, if for any reason a client does not disclose accurate information and a background check reveals something different, our company would not be held responsible for any application denial.

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